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Cone Bag Peppa Pig

Cone Bag Peppa Pig

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This cone bag contains 8 delicious fruit snacks: 2x fruit bites strawberry (10g), 2x Fruitbar Blueberry (20g), 4x Raisins (14g)

  • Made from fruit
  • No added sugars
  • Vegan
Ingredients fruit bites strawberry: Concentrated apple puree, concentrated apple juice, concentrated strawberry puree and concentrated elderberry juice), pectin, natural strawberry flavouring, citrus fibre (an average of 671 gram apple, 43 gram strawberry and 7 gram elderberry used to prepare 100 gram finished product)‍.

Ingredients fruitbar blueberry: Date paste, fig paste, raisin, apple powder, high oleic sunflower oil, blueberry powder 1%, cottonseed oil, lemon peel powder, natural aroma.

Ingrediënten raisins: raisins, cottonseed oil