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3x games with Fruitfunk

The website www.leukekinderactivities.nl from SWKGroep has challenged us to come up with fun activities that your kids can do at home during this period. A combination of games and sweets, who wouldn't want that!? We have come up with three games that you can play with our Fruitfunk sweets. The games can all be played from 2 people. Read on for an explanation of the games!


The Fruit Sticks XXL are required for the game 'Mikado'. Grap the Fruit Sticks vertically in your hands and then let go. Now you can take turns taking a fruit stick from the pile. But watch out! If the fruit sticks move in the pile while you are taking it, your turn is over and you must put the fruit stick back. It is now the person next to you's turn. If you manage to grab a fruit stick without the other sticks moving, you can keep the fruit stick and it's your turn again. Play this until all fruit sticks have been collected. Whoever has collected the most fruit sticks wins and can of course eat a stick. To make the game even more exciting, you can choose to assign points to a color. For example, all green Fruit Sticks (apple) are worth 5 points and all red Fruit Sticks (strawberry) are worth 10 points.

2.Guess the flavor

To play this game you need a tea towel and the two Mixed Multibags so that you have four different flavors: banana, peach, strawberry and apple. Put on a blindfold so that one person can no longer see. Open four bags of the different flavors and let the blindfolded person taste one candy in a random order. Do this with any flavor. Can he/she guess what flavor you gave? The one who guesses the most flavors correctly is the winner!

3. Candy candy

'Candy candy' can be played with the School Bars. You also need three more cups. Open a school bar and cut it into 5 equal pieces. Place the three cups upside down next to each other and place one piece under one of the three cups. One person then shuffles the cups together, after which the other person has to guess which cup the candy is under. If the person gets it right, the candy can of course be eaten as a reward!

The fruit snacks used are all in the child's homework package and family work from home package which can be found in the Online store. Are you curious about more fun children's activities? Then take a quick look leukinderactivities.nl

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