🍏 Made of fruit 🍌 No added sugars πŸ“ Vegan πŸ‘

About Fruitfunk

How it all started...

We noticed the demand for healthy alternatives for sweets and snacks for kids was growing. Many large and well-known confectionery companies didn't dare to make the switch to a complete responsible assortment, but we did! In 2014 we founded Fruitfunk and started to make the most fun and responsible snacks for kids.

Why are our products responsible?

Our snacks and sweets are made from fruit. In a short period of time the fruit is heated, dehydrated and cooled. After cooling down the fruit is shaped to our wonderfull fruit flakes for a perfect bite. Our unique production method keeps the original fruit’s fibers, minerals and vitamins. The dietary fibres ensure that the natural fructose will be absorbed by the human body at a slower rate. The result is that blood sugar levels remain stable. The dietary fibres also contribute to saturation.

Hoe wordt Fruitfunk gemaakt

Meet the Fruitfunk team!