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Looking for a healthy treat? Make our Peppa Pig Happybag even more fun! In this blog post we’ll explain how to make these adorable treats yourself!

What do you need?

-         This file

-         Peppa Pig Happybags

-         Scissors

-         Stanley knife

-         Cutting mat

-         Tape

-         Pink A4 paper

-         Marker

-         Printer

Print the file on pink paper and cut out the Peppa Pig shapes along the black lines. Cut with the Stanley knife along the outside of the thick black line of the hands and arms. Pay attention! Do not cut the attachment between the arms and the body. If you want you can write a nice text on the back. Fold the hands up and stick the Peppa Pig Happybag to the belly with some tape. Now your treat is ready!

Have fun crafting!

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