🍏 Des fruits avec des légumes croustillants 🍌 Sans sucres ajoutés🍓 Sans Lactose 🍑 Sans gluten



We at Fruitfunk love fruit, but just a piece of fruit can get boring over time. It is so much more fun to turn your fruit snack into a party! That is why we came up with a donut made entirely out of fruit and some low fat quark. You can make it as beautiful as you want. Let your kids help with the decoration of the donut!

What do you need?

-         Apples

-         Low-fat quark

-         Fruitfunk snacks

-         You kids’ favorite fruit

Let’s start!

Wash the apples and cut them into slices of 1 cm (see picture below). Make a hole in the center of the apple slices with an apple corer, you can also use a knife. Now the basis is there! Put the quark on top of the apple slices. If you want to give the quark a nice color, you can mix it with fruit in a blender (berries for example). Now the best part: the topping! Decorate the apple donuts with fruit and Fruitfunk snacks of your choice. You can let your children help with the decorating.

Enjoy your healthy donut!

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