🍏 Des fruits avec des légumes croustillants 🍌 Sans sucres ajoutés🍓 Sans Lactose 🍑 Sans gluten



Yay, it is someone’s birthday! Sometimes it can be hard to come up with an original and responsible treat. Fruitfunk helps! Is your son or daughter crazy about Paw Patrol? We have the perfect treat! Super fun and super easy to make!

What do you need?

-         Thick A4 paper

-         Glue stick

-         Scissors

-         This file

-         Happybag Strawberry flakes Paw Patrol

-         Schoolbar Apple Paw Patrol

Print this file and cut out the shapes. Glue the small strips on the inside. Finally, glue the 2 ends together. Put the pouch of Strawberry flakes and the schoolbar Apple in the bowl. You can put the names of the children on the dog bone with a marker. Have fun with the treats!

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