🍏 Made of fruit 🍌 No added sugars πŸ“ Vegan πŸ‘


Looking for a healthy and pre-packaged treat? Make our Funky/Unicorn Eggs even more fun! In this blog post we explain and share a file that you can print out to make this cute treat yourself!

What do you need?

Print the file on sturdy colored A4 paper and cut out the Easter Bunny and his feet along the black line. Fold the Easter Bunny's legs and arms inwards. It is best to first fold the legs inward and stick the feet on top with the glue. Hold both legs equally firmly with the feet so that everything stays together properly. Then take the arms and stick them over the feet (lower part), again holding them firmly for a while.

Yay the Easter Bunny is assembled!

Now draw a nice face on the Easter Bunny, put the egg in it and your Funky Fruitfunk Easter Treat is READY 😊

Have fun crafting!