🍏 Made of fruit 🍌 No added sugars 🍓 Vegan 🍑

About Fruitfunk

How it all started...

We, Rob and Daan, saw that there was an increasing need for a responsible alternative to sweets and snacks for kids. The major players in the confectionery world could not or did not dare to make the switch to a completely responsible range, but we did! We believe it is possible to let children enjoy responsible products.

We founded Fruitfunk in 2014 and started making the most fun and responsible snacks for kids.

Why are our products responsible?

Our snacks are made from fruit, that's it! We use 7 kilos of fruit to make 1 kilo of fruit bites. Fruitfunk products contain no added sugars and are vegan.

When making our sweets, we use real fruit from which we extract the moisture in a short time. The fibers from the fruit are preserved, so the natural fruit sugars are absorbed more slowly and you prevent a sugar peak.


When making our delicious fruit bites, we add pectin, which comes from the cell wall of a fruit and ensures the correct structure of our candy. We add a little bit of natural flavour to make the taste as good as possible. Finally, we provide our fruit bites with a little citrus fiber to prevent the bites from sticking together. 

Meet the Fruitfunk team!