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Treat inspiration - tractor

Whoever has a birthday treats! Fruitfunk is happy to help you invent and make treats. This treat looks nice and is easy to make.

What do you need?

Let's get started!

Start by printing out the tractors .

Tip: If you choose a tractor design yourself, make sure the design has a window. This makes it more fun, because the faces of the Fruit bites can look through the window.

Cut out the tractors neatly and don't forget to cut out the window. Of course, you will need as many tractors as the number of treats you want to make.

Now we're going to add a plume of smoke behind the tractor's exhaust. To do this, draw a plume of smoke on white paper. You can write a nice text on this, such as: "Hooray! NAME, X years!" Then cut out the smoke plume.

Take a piece of double-sided tape and stick it on the back of the tractor, just below the window. This is where the bag of fruit bites will come later. Attach the bag of fruit bites to the tractor, making sure that one of the faces looks out the window. This way it looks extra nice!

Now we are going to place the smoke plume behind the exhaust of the tractor. Take a piece of double-sided tape that is as wide as the exhaust and stick it to the back of the exhaust. Now stick the smoke plume on the double-sided tape behind the exhaust. This makes it look like smoke is coming out of the exhaust!

That was the last step of this treat! They're cute aren't they!! 🤩

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